[wp-testers] tickets and patches

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 10 10:31:44 GMT 2006

[Jeremy wrote>
First of all, it's "Trac", with a capital T. ;) ]

Hahaha.. Yeah, [slaps self].. I just quickly write out the dang email(s) and hit send, maybe you should be here, right along with wank, and proof read, and fix my grammar errors. LOL! Haha.. nah, just kidding. =P I try to be good with the grammar though. :(  

[Jeremy wrote>
Well, once it's been closed, it's probably a bad idea to reopen it, as whoever closed it probably had a good reason for doing so.]

Of course, that only makes sense, I guess lol. 

[Jeremy wrote>
However, it's possible for anyone to reopen tickets.
Example: http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/3419]

Oh, okay.  ;)

[Jeremy wrote>
Make a new ticket rather than digging up some ancient one. But do search to see if anyone's already reported the problem,]

Okay, sounds good to me... =P 

[Jeremy wrote>
*being a moderator for a while]

Hey now, rehashing on the past makes me sad.. Atleast I didn't pull a "Bill Clinton" to get myself impeached... lmao! 

[Jeremy wrote>
If the problem has been reported before, and a ticket for it is closed, and you're still experiencing the problem, reopen the existing ticket.]

Sounds good to me! Thanks man.. ;)

[Jeremy wrote>
Make a new ticket for each problem. I guess all your whitespace fixes could go in one ticket, with one patch. If you forget one fix for the same problem, attach another patch to the same ticket.]

Yep, was thinking that myself actually. ;)  

[Jeremy wrote>
Oh, and by the way, I never have had any problems with whitespace, and my site seems to be running fine off /trunk, so I suspect it's a problem with your end of the line?]

Neither did I, I'm just one for keeping files tidy, and pretty. I was also doing this, because I kept having thoughts of those repeated forums threads.. containing the old "headers already sent" messages sigh. 

Like I said in the first email, I *know* it's not really important, or a "high level" deal.. just figured I'd try something simple for my FIRST TIME, like submitting a patch for crappy whitespace lol. =P  

But, with the way you're sounding, it's nothing big (of course to us, it's not really) .. If/ when 2.1 beta gets "released", or when it's officially released, and *if* the "headers already sent" type threads come through the forums, I'll forward the thread links to ya .. hahaha. =P 

Even though in the example, that that WP didn't have whitespace, example:

there were many other threads that did mention WP files, which DID have whitespace in them  http://wordpress.org/support/topic/54451?replies=4#post-297702

I see a good number of those threads on the forums, and it's usually because the WP files have ending whitespace in them.. so.. whatever.. lol.

[Jeremy wrote>
Are you using Notepad to edit the files? That doesn't support Unix line-endings, as far as I'm aware. Or perhaps TortoiseSVN is doing a bad job of conversion, or something wacko like that.]

Nope, I'm using Metapad.. I'm not sure if that's any different really, or not.. but, whatever.. =P  Thanks for the tips, and so forth Jeremy.. will keep it all in mind for whenever.. ;) 

/Also, not sure if this makes a difference or not either, but, when I do use Notepad, it's Notepad2.. =/ 

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