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Jeremy Visser jeremy.visser at gmail.com
Sun Dec 10 09:18:36 GMT 2006

On Sun, 2006-12-10 at 03:40 -0500, spencerp wrote:
> I'd like to be "broken-in" on traq,

First of all, it's "Trac", with a capital T. ;)

> and was just wondering about a few things.. I think I was told before,
> a while back, that tickets that are "closed", can't really be
> "re-opened" again by a normal traq "member" right?
> They have to be re-opened by those with higher traq site access
> levels, correct? Reason why I was asking is, I had gone through ALOT
> of the trunk files on my desktop, and removed alot of the ending
> whitespace..

Well, once it's been closed, it's probably a bad idea to reopen it, as
whoever closed it probably had a good reason for doing so.

However, it's possible for anyone to reopen tickets.
        Example: http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/3419

> Then made up a diff containing all those that I had fixed.. or
> whatever. Now, I know this is really a "low level" deal, but figured
> what the heck, it's my first time right.. lol! =P  Do I need to find a
> previously submitted "whitespace ticket, and add to that one, or..
> just make a new one up? 

Make a new ticket rather than digging up some ancient one. But do search
to see if anyone's already reported the problem, as I'm sure you're
familiar with, being a moderator for a while on the forums!

If the problem has been reported before, and a ticket for it is closed,
and you're still experiencing the problem, reopen the existing ticket.

> This diff I had done, contains alot of files, so .. I was thinking
> maybe it should be a new one.. and maybe be applied, if possible,
> later on.. or whatever.. What do you guys/gals think.. or suggest..?

Make a new ticket for each problem. I guess all your whitespace fixes
could go in one ticket, with one patch. If you forget one fix for the
same problem, attach another patch to the same ticket.

Oh, and by the way, I never have had any problems with whitespace, and
my site seems to be running fine off /trunk, so I suspect it's a problem
with your end of the line?

Are you using Notepad to edit the files? That doesn't support Unix
line-endings, as far as I'm aware. Or perhaps TortoiseSVN is doing a bad
job of conversion, or something wacko like that.

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