[wp-testers] WordPress 2.0.6 Beta 1

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 22:51:27 GMT 2006

[Aaron wrote>
Since you're using Tortoise, here's the simplest how-to you'll ever find. Ever.

1. Create a folder in Windows. Doesn't matter where. Try your Desktop.
2. Right click on the folder and select Create Repository
3. Do an update on the folder, once SVN recognizes it as a repo. You'll need the SVN address - something I don't have as I'm not in front of my Windoze box.
4. Once the files come down, edit a file. Once you've edited and saved a file, the file will get a little red x or exclamation mark or something. This means it's different from the working copy.
5. Right click on the repository (on your desktop?) and descend into the Tortoise SVN contextual menu item.
6. Click on Make Patch. The file that you edited should eb the only one selected. Click okay or whatever it is.
7. Now you have a .diff file. Open it up in notepad and admire your work. Upload it to Trac if the patch applies.
8. Drink beer.]

Nice! Thanks for the step-by-step guide there Aaron. ;) :) I'll tinker around with it when I get some time.. [takes a look at the clock quick, then looks at workload, hmm.. dang, not going to happen right now, but...maybe a little later.. ] .. haha.. =P 

Thanks again Aaron.. ;) :)


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