[wp-testers] RE: How to create a .diff to attach to a ticket(was: WordPress 2.0.6 Beta 1)

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 22:57:33 GMT 2006

[Austin wrote>
Too bad you're not using *nix; then you'd really have the simplest how-to:  :-)

1. svn diff editedfile.php > editedfile.diff]

 [Lloyd wrote>
 Yup, it is as easy as that as Mark Jaquith's post suggests

And Arron's instructions fits well westi's post for Windows
When actually attaching patches, it is helpful to others if you
generate your patch from the projects root directory, as Aaron's
Tortoise example did. So keep a clean copy of the tree if you are working on multiple things or have your own personal customizations -- this is always a good idea anyway so you have test your patch in isolation before uploading.

$svn diff > fix-problem.diff]

Oh nice! Sounds a helleva of a lot easier, and would be perfect for me! I'll have to check it out then! Thanks guys! ;) :)


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