[wp-testers] WordPress 2.0.6 Beta 1

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 9 14:46:39 GMT 2006

Ok, I had some time to play around with this now, and here's what I had done, or whatever.. 

>1. Create a folder in Windows. Doesn't matter where. Try your Desktop.
>2. Right click on the folder and select Create Repository

I had done this, I made one on the Desktop called: trunk
I figured, my as well keep it along with the WP SVN trunk/  url.. =P Then created the Repository, some stuff was created in there, some folders.. two files right inside the TRUNK folder..

>3. Do an update on the folder, once SVN recognizes it as a repo.  

Wasn't sure what ya meant by "update on the folder", but..everything *seems* to be working fine..so, no arguments from the peanut gallery here.. 

>You'll need the SVN address - something I don't have as I'm not in front of my Windoze box.

If you're referring to this one, yep, me gots it. ;)

>4. Once the files come down, edit a file. Once you've edited and  saved a file, the file will get a little red x or exclamation mark or  something. This means it's different from the working copy.

Yep, I had done this. ;) :)

>5. Right click on the repository (on your desktop?) and descend into  the Tortoise SVN contextual menu item.
>6. Click on Make Patch. The file that you edited should eb the only  one selected. Click okay or whatever it is.
>7. Now you have a .diff file. Open it up in notepad and admire your  work. Upload it to Trac if the patch applies.

Yep, Got to there too. ;):) However, what I'm seeing now is, the .diff is on the desktop, outside the trunk folder, of course, so.. is that RED circle (with the !) still supposed to be on the trunk folder..? I just want to make sure I'm doing this ok.. ;) 

After I opened (with metapad) my newly made, and  awesome .diff of mine, it looked just awesome! So, I guess for reassurance purposes, I'd like some feedback on my performance.. lol. =P 

>8. Drink beer.

No comment.. hahaha. Nah, I didn't do "that". I did drink a lot of  Pepsi, though! 

/Before I forget, I'm just curious, but.. how can I apply the .diff to a folder that resides in under My Documents/2.1 alpha3/  folder? I tried applying the "patch" (or diff rather) to it, but it didn't do anything.. =/  Of course, I'm probably doing something wrong.. but, any thoughts, suggestions? Thanks in advanced.. 

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