[wp-testers] Seems to be truncating (bad php?)

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Mon Mar 28 17:10:52 GMT 2005

On Mon, 2005-03-28 at 10:38 -0500, Jibben Nee wrote:
> Good to know I'm not alone on this one. Are you also experiencing incomplete 
> generations on a lot of the admin pages? Like when you post an entry, it'll 
> only go upto the top menubars. Or when you delete an entry/comment, it'll 
> only generate the footer. I haven't modified any of the admin side php 
> files. Those are all in tact and as they come through svn.
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> > On Sat, 26 Mar 2005 00:47:55 -0500, Jibben Nee <ziddey at ijib.com> wrote:
> >
> >> Also, it seems that when I post a comment, I'm faced with a blank page. 
> >> Not
> >> sure if these two are related, but I don't recall this being an issue 
> >> before
> >> I started the svn series. Anyone else?
> >
> > I'm having this comment-blank page issue as well.

I'm not seeing this, so more information is needed.  What webserver and
version?  What version of PHP?  When did it start happening?

It sounds like the redirect away from wp-comments-post back to the
comments page isn't working.

Side note: When reporting 1.5.1 bugs, please make note of the nightly
build or the subversion repository revision you are using.  The
repository revision can be found with "svn info" if you are using the
svn command line tools.


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