[wp-polyglots] Suggestions for better localizations

Sebastian Djupsjöbacka sebastian.djupsjobacka at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 18:36:34 GMT 2006

Kimmo Suominen wrote:

> I'm looking forward to an up-to-date sv_SE translation -- it should work
> for sv_FI without changes, I believe. :)  Many thanks, Karl!

As the maintainer of the current sv_SE translation I'm really interested 
to hear what you kind of problems you have been having with that 
translation. Why the need to translate everything from the beginning 
once again when we already have a working Swedish translation. At the 
moment there are probably a couple of untranslated phrases but that is 
hardly reason enough for ditching the translation completely. So, 
please, give me some feedback and perhaps even patches and maybe we will 
reach our common goal faster and easier.


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