[wp-polyglots] Suggestions for better localizations

Karl Wångstedt kalle at wangstedt.net
Sat Feb 18 10:19:12 GMT 2006

18 feb 2006 kl. 06.38 skrev Kimmo Suominen:

>     There's now alpha version of Mac OS X build available (10.4
>     only). It's usable, but barely. Improvements coming soon.
>     http://www.vslavik.nextradsl.cz/tmp/poedit-1.3.4-alpha.dmg

Yes I saw that one, but the image is broken. Can't be mounted, so I  
guess I'll have to wait for a beta or final release.

Anyway, I have just about ten percent left to translate right now  
(mostly plugins) so I guess that Poedit might be out in a new version  
by the time it's time to update the translation (possibly).

And Kimmo, if you would like to beta-test my translation I can e-mail  
you a copy of my latest .mo.

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