[wp-hackers] Re: Some feeds will not display

RePost repost_08 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 4 20:50:02 GMT 2009

Morten Blaabjerg wrote:
> I have the same issue on some of our sites - /feed works okay, but /atom and
> category feeds do not. This is only a problem on some internal sites with no
> public access right now, where we are experimenting with the effects of
> different plugins. Therefore I suspect the error in this case to be caused
> by a plugin, but at the moment I don't know which one.
I have tried disabling all recent plugins, without any improvement in 
the feed problem.

I can't pinpoint when the feeds stopped displaying, but I would suspect 
it began with a WordPress version change. If we're experiencing the 
problem, others must be as well. It deserves some serious attention.

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