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Super Mike reach.supermike at gmail.com
Tue Jun 8 17:21:06 UTC 2010

I'm new to this listserv thing -- I normally use forums instead. Let me know
about etiquette and I'll fix that on later posts.

I have been speaking with one of the core devs on WP about a change that is
desirable in the WP docs. I'm a plugin developer, and there are two tough
things for me:

- figuring out which WP Codex API function works with which version of

- figuring out which jQuery function works with which version of WordPress

Unfortunately as much as I want to move forward, not all people are on 2.9.2
or later versions of WP. It's a plugin and theme thing, where the other
plugin and theme developers are not keeping up with the latest versions of
WP and routinely preparing for the future by testing with the betas.

So, by having the Codex docs let us know something like...

"API added 6/8/2010. Works with 2.9.2 and forward"

...or perhaps even an added comment like...

"Feature [or parameter] of this API added with 2.9.2 and forward"

...that would be a tremendous help. If we don't want to do that practice
retroactively because it's too much work, then at least going forward it
would be a nice thing to do to minimize developer frustration.
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