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While these are helpful in determining the documentation that the docs team
needs to do within the WordPress Codex, this is not a support mailing list.
Are you offering to write or improve such documentation?


On Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 10:21 AM, Super Mike <reach.supermike at gmail.com>wrote:

> I'm new to this listserv thing -- I normally use forums instead. Let me
> know about etiquette and I'll fix that on later posts.
> I have been speaking with one of the core devs on WP about a change that is
> desirable in the WP docs. I'm a plugin developer, and there are two tough
> things for me:
> - figuring out which WP Codex API function works with which version of
> WordPress
> - figuring out which jQuery function works with which version of WordPress
> Unfortunately as much as I want to move forward, not all people are on
> 2.9.2 or later versions of WP. It's a plugin and theme thing, where the
> other plugin and theme developers are not keeping up with the latest
> versions of WP and routinely preparing for the future by testing with the
> betas.
> So, by having the Codex docs let us know something like...
> "API added 6/8/2010. Works with 2.9.2 and forward"
> ...or perhaps even an added comment like...
> "Feature [or parameter] of this API added with 2.9.2 and forward"
> ...that would be a tremendous help. If we don't want to do that practice
> retroactively because it's too much work, then at least going forward it
> would be a nice thing to do to minimize developer frustration.
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