[wp-docs] Copyright implications of using templates taken from Wikipedia

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Tue Jun 8 16:59:23 UTC 2010

If you are directing the question to me, my overall plan is this. To take
the codex from where it is, and make it better than, or at least as good as,
Wikipedia. There is a lot of potential that is untapped. You name it, it is
most likely there. Therefore, I want to make the codex an excellent,
complete, and active documentation of WordPress. In fact, the
whole WordPress site could use some help, although not much. It is very good
quality as it is. Concerning those meta-pages, it is called a WikiProject.
Basically a way to organize and let volunteers know what needs help.

On Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 11:43 AM, mrmist <listswpdocs at mist.org.uk> wrote:

> In message <AANLkTimLfb1V50VF6uJaQQMqT3o7nsUdtaXg7gdJjwCr at mail.gmail.com>,
> Arlen Beiler <arlenbee at gmail.com> writes
>  They have the same name on
>> Wikipedia, and if anyone is wondering what they do, you can look there.
> Leaving the copyright issues aside, I guess for me this would all be much
> easier to follow if you were to describe your overall plan on this list.
>  I've seen your creation of a lot of meta-pages on the Codex, but it's all
> kinda one-man-army just now as its not obvious (to me at least) what the
> intention is.
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