[wp-docs] Copyright implications of using templates taken from Wikipedia

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Tue Jun 8 15:43:32 UTC 2010

In message 
<AANLkTimLfb1V50VF6uJaQQMqT3o7nsUdtaXg7gdJjwCr at mail.gmail.com>, Arlen 
Beiler <arlenbee at gmail.com> writes
>They have the same name on
>Wikipedia, and if anyone is wondering what they do, you can look there.

Leaving the copyright issues aside, I guess for me this would all be 
much easier to follow if you were to describe your overall plan on this 
list.  I've seen your creation of a lot of meta-pages on the Codex, but 
it's all kinda one-man-army just now as its not obvious (to me at least) 
what the intention is.

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