[wp-docs] WordPress Themes and the Sponsored Themes Issue

Michael E. Hancock mhancock at us.net
Thu Jul 12 12:27:18 GMT 2007

From: "Lorelle VanFossen" <lorelle at cameraontheroad.com>
> who wants to be the one to go through  the Codex list  looking for
sponsored Themes?

I did go back through all the themes a number of months ago,  tested the
links, and deleted any dead wood.  Also, any themes ADDED to the theme
articles have been required to disclose license information and whether the
theme is sponsored--this has been strictly enforced.

> Matt's deadline is July 20ish. I'd like to have a  few days of
discussion, unless we are all suddenly unanimous on this

If discussion means whether sponsored themes should be allowed in Codex,
then I'd say allow them as long as they are noted as sponsored.  If Matt's
decree means no sponsored themes in Codex, then the discussion seems to be
simply, who wants to delete the Themes on July 20th.


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