[wp-docs] WordPress Themes and the Sponsored Themes Issue

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 07:01:37 GMT 2007

Lorelle VanFossen wrote:
> With the WordPress Theme Viewer official and working well for the past 
> year, the WordPress Themes List on the Codex is fairly obsolete. There 
> are now over 4,000 WordPress Themes and the Codex list doesn't even 
> come close. Now that Matt has declared sponsored WordPress Themes to 
> be removed from the WordPress Theme Viewer, a declaration which I 
> assume means no WordPress endorsement or permission for featuring 
> sponsored WordPress Themes, who wants to be the one to go through the 
> Codex list looking for sponsored Themes? Hmmm?
> I didn't think so.
> Matt's deadline is July 20ish. I'd like to have a few days of 
> discussion, unless we are all suddenly unanimous on this.
> I propose we remove/redirect the Codex Theme list to the WordPress 
> Theme Viewer. A summary and link directing the reader to the Viewer 
> and related Theme information and resources works as a replacement for 
> the main page. This will take the burden away of maintaining the pages 
> and remove the issue of removing sponsored Themes.
> What say you all?

Wow that sucks. A lot of nice (originally) custom WP themes are coming 
from DP, SP, TF and other forums where folks are buying custom themes at 
near bottom dollar prices to slap sponsor links on them, then releasing 
them for free... So much for that then I guess.. Unless there's a way 
for folks visiting WordPress.org and such, to be told where to go to get 
nice custom WP themes just because they have sponsor links on them.. hmm..

As for your whole discussion, I wouldn't know where to start sigh. It's 
a HUGE task sigh. As for the two that someone bought off of me, then 
slapped sponsor links on them.. I wonder if I could just download them, 
remove sponsor links and resubmit them eh? LOL!..


I did this one up, same guy bought it, and did same thing with it. :( 
Slapped sponsor links on it.

Any thoughts?

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