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K Suominen ksuominen at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 02:03:35 GMT 2005

I'd hate to see my account deleted just because I didn't have time to

I have some questions:

- How is inactivity measured?  Does one need to modify a page to be
considered active, or is it sufficient to just login to your account?

- If your account is deleted, what happens to the attribution for any
prior contributions made with the account to Codex?  If another person
registers the same account later, will he/she be credited as the
author of all the changes made with any prior accounts with the same

- What happens to watch lists and user pages that were created?  Are
they just going to be deleted?  Are user pages seen as zero value

- Is there a policy on the forum accounts or mosquito accounts?

I think it would be simplest to just keep all accounts.  Even if it
wasn't simplest, I think it would be best to keep all accounts unless
it is really causing a problem with the database.

+ Kim

On Mon, 14 Mar 2005 12:20:30 -0800, Morgan Doocy <morgan at doocy.net> wrote:
> On Mar 14, 2005, at 11:34 AM, Craig Hartel wrote:
> > I'm not trying to exclude lurkers or anyone else, for that matter. You
> > don't need an account to get any information from Codex. You don't
> > need an account on Codex to be a member of this list.
> >
> > I see nothing wrong with deleting accounts that aren't used. It's not
> > a knock against anybody. It's simple database management and
> > maintenance.
> It might be just me, but I see everything wrong with this. What's the
> need for eliminating accounts? I see no benefit from a maintenance
> standpoint. Sure you don't need an account to just read, but what of
> the users who read a lot and decide to correct a typo just once -- only
> to find that their account has been deleted without warning?
> It's a Very Bad Thing to mess with users' accounts, and doing so would
> only serve to pressure people into contributing to keep their account
> active. Which is very un-wiki-like and just plain unnecessary. User
> accounts should NEVER be messed with, except in cases of vandalism or
> spamming.
> This has nothing to do with bragging rights Ryan, it's just a user
> account. There is no requirement to create an account; why should there
> be a requirement to keep it?
> Morgan
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