[wp-docs] Inserting page content multiple places

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Mon Mar 14 19:41:37 GMT 2005

Carthik Sharma wrote:
> If the description is short enough then you can include the page (or
> even a section) but there might be problems caused by redirects and
> such later (renaming will be another problem, when you include pages
> or sections thus). A link would be just as fine, in most cases, I
> think.

Hmm... Good Point.  It's just that the page looked slick and was also 
more informative with the relevant function reference right there as 
opposed to having to click a link to elsewhere.  But...

> Physical isolation (namespace or subpages) is not vital  -- it just
> needs to be clear from the titles and the organization of pages/links
> that those pages are developer documentation. The problem with
> subpages for this might be that later, there might be questions about
> what needs to be a subpage and what should be a page on it's own. If
> there is a good, well-defined hierarchy, as with the template tags
> currently, then I would think that it is a good idea.

...then I guess I may try to conceive such a heirarchy, which I think 
may be possible.  Just a casual glance at what is available so far in 
Dev Docs indicates this:  Options Functions, Admin Panel Functions, 
Localization Functions.  There are also (or should be) functions for 
every template tag in the form of get_the_*().  The obvious first 
criteria would be that these subpages contain *only* function reference 
(declaration, parameters, return value, description) and not how-tos.

I think it's a good idea to give some logic to the function reference 
anyway, even if they aren't pushed to subpages, since listing them 
alphabetically doesn't seem too useful for finding what you need.


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