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Mon Mar 14 19:18:27 GMT 2005

On Mon, 14 Mar 2005 12:53:57 -0500, Owen Winkler
<ringmaster at midnightcircus.com> wrote:
> I was thinking that it would be nice to write some function reference on
> a central page, and then include those functions on other pages.
> Here's the example that I'd like to try:
> Write up add_options, update_options, get_option on their own "WordPress
> Options" page. (This is a *bad* page name for this, since it's developer
> reference and not end-user reference.  One idea on this is below.)
> -THEN-
> Include that page content into both [[Writing a Plugin]] and [[WordPress
> Funciton Reference]].

If the description is short enough then you can include the page (or
even a section) but there might be problems caused by redirects and
such later (renaming will be another problem, when you include pages
or sections thus). A link would be just as fine, in most cases, I
> I think the Guidelines page does this with a subsection.  Maybe I should
> have checked that first for how to do it, but commentary on the idea
> seems like a good thing.

I did that to fill that page up, since it is linked to from the
sidebar, and so I presumed a lot of folks should be clicking through,
and it was blank, so I included the other page there. That can go,
> What do you think about sub-pages for sections of function reference
> like this?  It might be a convenient way to isolate dev docs from
> end-user docs.  Something like [[WordPress Function Reference/Options]]?

Physical isolation (namespace or subpages) is not vital  -- it just
needs to be clear from the titles and the organization of pages/links
that those pages are developer documentation. The problem with
subpages for this might be that later, there might be questions about
what needs to be a subpage and what should be a page on it's own. If
there is a good, well-defined hierarchy, as with the template tags
currently, then I would think that it is a good idea.

> (Editing [[Writing a Plugin]] right now.)


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