[wp-docs] Inserting page content multiple places

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Mon Mar 14 17:53:57 GMT 2005

I was thinking that it would be nice to write some function reference on 
a central page, and then include those functions on other pages.

Here's the example that I'd like to try:

Write up add_options, update_options, get_option on their own "WordPress 
Options" page. (This is a *bad* page name for this, since it's developer 
reference and not end-user reference.  One idea on this is below.)
Include that page content into both [[Writing a Plugin]] and [[WordPress 
Funciton Reference]].

I think the Guidelines page does this with a subsection.  Maybe I should 
have checked that first for how to do it, but commentary on the idea 
seems like a good thing.

What do you think about sub-pages for sections of function reference 
like this?  It might be a convenient way to isolate dev docs from 
end-user docs.  Something like [[WordPress Function Reference/Options]]?

(Editing [[Writing a Plugin]] right now.)


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