[wp-docs] Task based documentation

Podz podz at tamba2.org.uk
Wed Mar 9 18:45:30 GMT 2005

Michael D.Adams wrote:
> I've thought about this a bit over the past few days and really agree  
> with Morgan.  In particular, it will be difficult to convince me that  
> [[USER:MDAWaffe/Administration Panels]] etc. are not useful in their  
> current form.
> It may be possible to argue that Task Based docs are overall more  
> useful, but it seems to me Tour (as Morgan aptly puts it) docs are  
> necessary as well.  Documentation needs to come from both sides:

I agree.
We can't define who uses WP, and we can't define how they use it, so I 
don't see how we should try too hard to define how they should seek out 
If we have 2 or 3 people on the team who are both willing and able to 
contribute their time and energy, then I think we need to embrace what 
they bring and forget about any minor issues of repetition.
I think the repetition will occur because of the style of answer needed 
for the different information seekers - but it's not like Codex is space 
limited is it ? I'm not saying we need different ways of addressing 
things like Template Tags where a learning curve is to be expected, but 
for the UI, I really don't see why more cannot mean better.

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