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Are we sure yet?

I am okay, eitherway. In any case, maybe we should finalize guidelines
for deciding new page names.

Please be considerate in choosing new names.

One of use should write up a more detailed guide for Codex vols,
including how they can mark "new pages" "copyedit", "rfd" and others.
I can see the need for one page with a list of how best to help
maintain Codex.

With marking up, and maintanence work from teh admins/whoever else, we
should be able to keep things in shape.


On Sun, 06 Mar 2005 13:51:30 -0700, Craig Hartel <craig at nuclearmoose.com> wrote:
> Let me chime in here.
> The User:New page thing isn't working. So let's not use it any more. Move those
> pages into circulation.
> I totally trust you, Michael, Kaf, Lorelle, MacManX and others in that you know
> the guidelines and do everything you can to follow them. Not only that, but you
> people have done some damn fine work.
> I will change the "reminder" stub about creating new pages. Do we have a
> Category:New Page thing done yet? I'll check. If not, I will create it and put
> that information into the guidelines along with the "policy" change.
> The original idea I believe gave us a bit of breathing space to get Codex into a
> better framework. Now we have it in place, it's time to evolve into the next
> phase and grow.
> I can't speak highly enough of you people. You have helped make Codex into
> something to be proud of.
> Let's keep up the good work, and, most importantly, the good communication.
> Craig.
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