[wp-docs] New Pages.

Craig Hartel craig at nuclearmoose.com
Sun Mar 6 20:51:30 GMT 2005

Let me chime in here.

The User:New page thing isn't working. So let's not use it any more. Move those 
pages into circulation.

I totally trust you, Michael, Kaf, Lorelle, MacManX and others in that you know 
the guidelines and do everything you can to follow them. Not only that, but you 
people have done some damn fine work.

I will change the "reminder" stub about creating new pages. Do we have a 
Category:New Page thing done yet? I'll check. If not, I will create it and put 
that information into the guidelines along with the "policy" change.

The original idea I believe gave us a bit of breathing space to get Codex into a 
better framework. Now we have it in place, it's time to evolve into the next 
phase and grow.

I can't speak highly enough of you people. You have helped make Codex into 
something to be proud of.

Let's keep up the good work, and, most importantly, the good communication.


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