[wp-docs] New Pages.

Michael D.Adams mikea at turbonet.com
Sun Mar 6 20:15:02 GMT 2005

Thanks all for your kind words.  I should clarify that I never intended 
to "retire" completely, just to pause until things settle in.

> First thing I do today is to move in your pages, right now, where I
> see them fit, and as we have discussed before.
Wow - This really wasn't intended as a call to arms, but thanks :)

To be cynical, though, would this kind of response happen for a newer 
contributor (whose articles are likely just as good or better and more 
complete than any of my Template articles, as an example)?  Again, no 
personal attacks intended or implied.  I'm just offering up some 

> No problem if it is pointed, we are all accountable.
I don't hold _anyone_ personally accountable.

>> That said, I do not plan on
>> making further contributions until the creating new pages policy has
>> been finalized _and implemented_.
> Things move a little too slowly with voluntary projects, but there is
> a definite progress, in how the docs are now, as opposed to how they
> were earlier. Things are more organized and the quality seems to be a
> little better, if not a lot.
> Let me see what I can do about it, a few more hours from my part
> should help. Personally, I was quite pre-occupied with other work, so
> haven't been able to put in as much effort as I would like.
> I have made a decision to not create any new pages myself till all the
> maintenance work is complete.
Actually, on the whole I think the docs are fantastic.  I can't tell 
you the number of times I've looked up Template Tag articles (Thanks 
Kaf) etc.  But the slowness you mention is, I suppose, really the main 
issue.  To take you, Carthik, as an example:  this personal 
preoccupation of yours is understandable (I can greatly sympathize - 
these past weeks, for example, I've been preparing my first talk for 
Group Meeting (it went pretty well)).  Having to do other things is 
always understandable; Codex is not my highest priority in life, and I 
don't think it should be for anyone.  But that's just it, people will 
always be preoccupied; I don't see things getting faster in the future. 
   Perhaps I'm wrong; it could be that things are slower now simply 
because Codex is still pretty new, but I don't think so.

The only obvious solution to me is to get an additional admin or two to 
help with the workload (actually, I guess I'm offering an idea rather 
than a solution.  As I mentioned before, I am not a candidate for such 
a role).

> Can you please help with creating task-oriented documentation that 
> derives from your Admin Panel pages?
I'll see what kind of time I have.

Thanks everyone for your input.  More importantly, thanks to everyone 
for all the great work they've done/do on Codex.  It's really a great 

Michael D Adams

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