[wp-docs] New Pages.

lorelle at cameraontheroad.com lorelle at cameraontheroad.com
Sun Mar 6 17:58:35 GMT 2005

You know, I gave this a lot of thought and for the most part, I agree with
Michael.  I've had a few articles in my user section for a while and no
comments or activity that anyone has touched them.  Not that mine are as
important as the ones Michael has been doing - I'm dependent upon those to
help me understand how WordPress works and I've been all over them.

Do we need more "editors" or is there something else going on that has
slowed down this project?  What's really happening here?  Or is the process
not working as planned?

Is there a list of User Pages so we can start editing on them, if this is 
the hold-up?

Michael, on a personal note, I find your help in the Codex and the forums
invaluable.  Amazing amount of work you've done and it is all critical to
the success of the documentation.  Try not to give up on the project when
the doc mailing list just got started again and things are starting to
happen with the new release of 1.5.  Patience, please.  If they don't need
you, I, as a user, need you.  Just dump your brilliant brain right out for
everyone to use, please!

Lorelle VanFossen

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