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Podz podz at tamba2.org.uk
Sun Mar 6 18:13:17 GMT 2005

lorelle at cameraontheroad.com wrote:
> You know, I gave this a lot of thought and for the most part, I agree with
> Michael.  I've had a few articles in my user section for a while and no
> comments or activity that anyone has touched them.  Not that mine are as
> important as the ones Michael has been doing - I'm dependent upon those to
> help me understand how WordPress works and I've been all over them.

<<snipped a lot of very good stuff>>

Stick with it Michael, and for a couple of reasons:
- your work is brilliant, it really is. You have done wonders for Codex 
and I'd hope you don't lose sight of that.

- remember I proposed wiki day ? And then promptly dropped off the Codex 
planet ? Most of the reasons were - and are - personal - but it was also 
that wiki day took off. People such as yourself came in, hit the ground 
running and Codex began changing. As someone who like Carthik and Craig 
had been plugging away at it or months, this new work didn't seem to fit 
with what I thought Codex should be.
This wasn't a formal thing we'd agreed anywhere, it's just that with any 
project you work on, you begin to feel you know it, you feel some 
ownership and all these wiki day people altered things so much that I 
was thrown out of my own little loop. I commented to someone around that 
time that Codex was so busy and people seemed to know just what they 
were doing that I didn't quite know what to do - so I didn't (with Codex 
I have watched though, got the feed, cheered when the docs list came 
back - and everything isn't just good, it's great, and you Michael are 
one of the people who has made it that way.

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