[wp-docs] Tags - feedback please ?

Podz podz at tamba2.org.uk
Fri Jun 10 06:47:50 GMT 2005

Caveat - I just woke up, this will have holes in.

1 - Name Tags
Would it be possible for people to tag posts with their name, but for 
only them to see that ?
Would this enable a feed based on their name tag ?
I know this overlaps with the member list, but that records all activity 
and they could use the tag to select only those posts they wish to 
follow more closely.

2 - I think if all this is a Yes, we could do with a "Tags ?" sticky for 

3 - Closing completed. I have pinched this from another forum
"This thread has been Resolved and has been locked to prevent other 
users hijacking the thread and to help others know which threads have 
been Resolved and which are still being worked on.

If you started this thread and the problem returns or the case has not 
been properly Resolved, please send a Private Message to an 
Administrator or a Moderator of this forum to have the thread opened 
again. If you have a different problem, please start a new thread."

I like that - though the language could do with altering slightly. The 
overall message is good.

How about this:
- Mod sees that original issue has been answered
- Mod adjusts tags / title if needed
- Mod adds a "Completed" tag
- Mod closes thread
Over time, a list of "Completed" threads would appear - definitive 
answers if you will.
Now ..... remember the old forum where we could see how many 'views' a 
thread had had ? That would be useful with these tags as it could 
indicate a documentation need ? Yes / No ?
First issue I see with this is that the good answer could be surrounded 
by wrong answers so posts would need deleting to create the desired 
result. This is interfering with the forum in a basic way which I'm not 
entirely comfortable with but if the process was transparent to all it 
should be okay.
Second issue is that threads will have to be marked as complete when 
feedback from the OP has not replied. What to do then ?

Time for a coffee :)


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