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Thu Jun 2 18:15:59 GMT 2005

I'd have to agree with MDAWaffe on the "Page" comment.  I had a fiddle
in the Codex and it could lead to some confusion.  It would either
need a massive rewrite of the documentation to check for ambiguities
with "Page" if we moved ahead with this terminology.

- Ben O'Neill

On 02/06/05, Michael D Adams <mikea at turbonet.com> wrote:
> http://codex.wordpress.org/User:MDAWaffe/WordPress_Terminology
> That was/is an attempt to do the same.  It did not garner much response.
> On Jun 2, 2005, at 4:40 AM, Matthew Thomas wrote:
> > WordPress control panel ("control panel" where the context is obvious)
> Could you explain why Administration Panel and SubPanel don't strike
> your fancy?  This isn't meant as an offense, it's just that you
> dismissed SubPanel with the implication that it was obviously bad
> (i.e. without any explicit reason).  I don't see anything wrong with
> the term (though I'm biased; either I'm an early adopter of it or I
> coined it - I don't recall).  I'm just curious about your thoughts.
> > Page
> >     Any of the administration pages. Example: "On the '''Plugins'''
> I'd avoid any use of the word "page" at all cost (hence the panel
> terminology).  It's already confusing from a user's standpoint (Page
> as is Post v. page as in webpage).  I realize that's exactly what the
> administration section is - a bunch of pages with which a user
> controls his or her site, but consider talking about the Manage Pages
> Page or the Write Page Page...  (ah: in re-reading I see you've noted
> this already.  My tastes say that Write Page SubPanel is better than
> Write Page page :) )
> > Field
> >     A text entry control. Example: "The description you enter in the
> Will people recognize "field" as an input?  I have no clue if people
> will or not.  Is textbox not well understood/not user friendly?
> MDAWaffe
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