[wp-docs] Nomenclature for WordPress interface

Michael D Adams mikea at turbonet.com
Thu Jun 2 18:09:39 GMT 2005


That was/is an attempt to do the same.  It did not garner much response.

On Jun 2, 2005, at 4:40 AM, Matthew Thomas wrote:
> WordPress control panel ("control panel" where the context is obvious)

Could you explain why Administration Panel and SubPanel don't strike  
your fancy?  This isn't meant as an offense, it's just that you  
dismissed SubPanel with the implication that it was obviously bad  
(i.e. without any explicit reason).  I don't see anything wrong with  
the term (though I'm biased; either I'm an early adopter of it or I  
coined it - I don't recall).  I'm just curious about your thoughts.

> Page
>     Any of the administration pages. Example: "On the '''Plugins'''

I'd avoid any use of the word "page" at all cost (hence the panel  
terminology).  It's already confusing from a user's standpoint (Page  
as is Post v. page as in webpage).  I realize that's exactly what the  
administration section is - a bunch of pages with which a user  
controls his or her site, but consider talking about the Manage Pages  
Page or the Write Page Page...  (ah: in re-reading I see you've noted  
this already.  My tastes say that Write Page SubPanel is better than  
Write Page page :) )

> Field
>     A text entry control. Example: "The description you enter in the

Will people recognize "field" as an input?  I have no clue if people  
will or not.  Is textbox not well understood/not user friendly?


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