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Eric Mann eric at eamann.com
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I've worked with WordPress' XMLRPC system before (using a WP-Hive
installation with multiple separate blogs similar to a WPMU set-up).  The
new approach you're using is definitely simpler and easier to implement (I
tried the 5ubliminal one as well the first time).

Whether or not you can distinguish between separate blogs in a MU
installation depends entirely on how you build your handler function.  You
can build it to distinguish the separate blogs, to only function on specific
blogs, or to treat the entire system as a single WordPress site.  It's all
up to you.

Yes, you can retrieve and post to custom fields.

Absolutely writing a plug-in is the way to go.  The only other options are
to change core files (BAD idea) or to build it into your theme, in which
case it could ONLY be used on MU sites using that theme.  Build it as a
site-wide MU plug-in that can be controlled on a site-by-site basis by the
global admin.


Eric Mann

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I have been tasked with creating an API for retrieving and adding content to
Wordpress from a flash application and legacy CMS (non-PHP). My plan is to
utilise the existing default xmlrpc endpoint and add any additional
functionality by creating a plugin which hooks into xmlrpc_methods.

A previous attempt had been made by another developer based on the following


This code looks unwieldy and poorly documented to me and my preference would
be to use this approach:


I would be grateful if anyone with experience in this area could confirm

- I will be able to distinguish between separate blogs in an MU installation
when both retrieving and posting data via XMLRPC
- I will be able to retrieve and post to custom fields
- writing a plugin is the way to go. 

We do not have the option of using Wordpress 3 as it is still in Beta and we
are under time pressure.

I would greatly appreciate appreciate any input / advice.

Many thanks,


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