[wp-xmlrpc] XMLRPC for Wordpress Mu

Luke Mackenzie luke at lukem.co.uk
Fri May 14 12:51:39 UTC 2010


I have been tasked with creating an API for retrieving and adding content to Wordpress from a flash application and legacy CMS (non-PHP). My plan is to utilise the existing default xmlrpc endpoint and add any additional functionality by creating a plugin which hooks into xmlrpc_methods.

A previous attempt had been made by another developer based on the following code:


This code looks unwieldy and poorly documented to me and my preference would be to use this approach:


I would be grateful if anyone with experience in this area could confirm that:

- I will be able to distinguish between separate blogs in an MU installation when both retrieving and posting data via XMLRPC
- I will be able to retrieve and post to custom fields
- writing a plugin is the way to go. 

We do not have the option of using Wordpress 3 as it is still in Beta and we are under time pressure.

I would greatly appreciate appreciate any input / advice.

Many thanks,


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