[wp-xmlrpc] WP 2.2.1 breaks Ruby 1.8.2

Allan Odgaard m123ixd02 at sneakemail.com
Tue Jun 26 14:41:33 GMT 2007

On 26. Jun 2007, at 16:11, Daniel Jalkut wrote:

> On Jun 26, 2007, at 1:10 AM, Allan Odgaard wrote:
>> So my recommendation would be to revert the change in WP 2.2.1  
>> that added the ‘Z’ to dates.
> If this reversion of behavior is done, it's only fair that it  
> reverts all the way to pre2.2 behavior, where the date was sent in  
> the time zone of the *blog* and not GMT.

Not sure why you would push for such a change.

Do we agree that with such behavior, the user will need to explicitly  
configure his client with the time zone of his blog?

It seems like a terrible idea to introduce such configuration step.

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