[wp-xmlrpc] post_status

Daniel Jalkut jalkut at red-sweater.com
Mon Dec 17 20:24:26 GMT 2007

I'm glad that things are getting hashed out. While you're thinking  
about adding an ability to specify post_status, can I also suggest  
that there should be some mechanism for a client to ask for the list  
of possible statuses?  I see something akin to  
"supportedTextFilters" ... since the client can't reasonably display  
the list of statuses without explicitly knowing based on the version  
of WP, or by asking via protocol.

It seems sensible to establish a precedent of requesting a list of  
possible post statuses, and allowing the user to choose from among  
those for any post. The guarantee would then be that any post from WP  
should have a post-status that is from among that list.


On Dec 17, 2007, at 3:16 PM, Joseph Scott wrote:

> I've asked for additional info and it looks like my understanding of  
> post_status was way off (open mouth, insert foot).
> Being able to set post_status via metaWeblog.newPost will be needed.

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