[wp-xmlrpc] post_status

Joseph Scott joseph at randomnetworks.com
Sat Dec 15 18:58:53 GMT 2007

On Dec 15, 2007, at 11:19 AM, Daniel Jalkut wrote:

> Thanks, Joseph. You've obviously thought through it quite a bit.  
> But your analysis raises some more questions for me. It seems that  
> there isn't a clear "status" in some situations where there may be  
> overlap. For instance, what happens when a post is set draft, but  
> also has a password set on it? How do you tell the difference  
> between a private draft and a private published?

Good question.  I tried that it out in wp-admin and found that draft  
+ private = draft.  I haven't confirmed this 100%, but I suspect that  
publish/draft will always trump any other status.  So private and  
future will only show for posts that have already been published.   
This still leaves pending as a rather strange beast that is published  
on one level, but not really on another.

Having all of these different statuses in just one field does make  
for some extra work.  So for a status of draft you'd still have to  
look at the password field and see if it is empty in order to  
determine if it is private draft (which might be a misleading term in  
and of itself).

That said I just tried this in wp-admin, take a draft that you've  
saved with a password and select the post status of private, then  
click on save and continue editing.  That will publish your post,  
which probably isn't the most obvious thing to do.  I'll have to  
write a ticket about that, allowing a user to directly set the post  
status leads to some non-obvious events it looks like.

Joseph Scott

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