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Stefan Holmberg systementor at yahoo.se
Wed Aug 29 07:01:49 GMT 2007

Hi fellows, I'm new here, Stefan Holmberg - from Sweden. 
  Just got into WP and must say I'm so impressed I have more or less given up on my selfcoded commercial CMS script (written in asp.net, I am from the MS side of the world...). While the WP admin gui is sometimes not too intuitive the frontend and programmability (is there such a word in english...) features are amazing.   
  I have just published my very first plugin wpLinkMentor http://php.aspcode.net/category/wplinkmentor/ - which extends the XML-RPC interface with some link(blogroll) management functions. I created it simply because I needed it - and published it in the spirit of free code. Maybe someone has a use of it. 
  Just got an email from Joseph where he/you say 
"We'd like to get wpLinkMentor into the core of WordPress.  I've  
glanced over the code and looks pretty straight forward, although I'd  
like to refine the API some."
  That email makes me
a) happy and kind of flatterned :)
b) nervous 
  Nervous because while I am a decent coder (C#, C++, VB etc)   
a) I am pretty much a PHP beginner
b) when it comes to XML-RPC - well lets say I got it working by looking into the existing core code and also in code from Brett Terpstras utw-rpc-autotag plugin. Also I have managed to get some C# client code to work against WP:s XMLRPC. But that's where it ends...
  Meaning I have indeed gotten some things to work - but have no idea if I have done it "the right way", and seldom cares for doing it the right way either, I have problems to solve and I solve them, end of story. But getting into the core I guess would put the "doing it the right way" pressure on the code.
  For example I see some stupid things I have done - for getLinks and deleteLinks I make my own db calls but when last was to implement the updateLink function I discovered there are existing functions in admin-db such as wp_insert_link - meaning I should have used the existing core functions  for getLinks/deleteLinks as well. As I said, I am a WP newbie...
  The plugin code is here if you'd care to take a look
  So to end it up - I don't have a clue on how to proceed with this "getting into the core" thing. Is it something you (automattic) do, or would you like me to develop it further? Either way I would sure like to get some input on how you'd like the interface - fucntion params etc - to look like :) 
Or/and if there are some obvious stupid mistakes I have done in my coding. 
  I will anyhow try to learn XML-RPC better, cause I have a lot more WP stuff I would like to manage remotely, So I have a lot more rpc functions I will create and publish, soon. 
  Last - sorry for the long mail, lol :)

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