[wp-polyglots] Gravatar l10n request

Sergey Biryukov sergeybiryukov.ru at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 17:42:04 UTC 2010

>> I also have the same question for the import plugins on translate.wordpress.org.
>> I've imported their translations from WordPress 2.9.2 and translated
>> one of them completely (UTW Importer) about a week ago, however the
>> language files are still not included in the plugin package.
> The plugin files are never included in the core package. If you go to
> Tools > Import on your 3.0 dashboard, you'll see that none are
> installed (as discussed before) and that you have the option to
> install them, which is when the plugin + language files are downloaded
> and installed.

I was talking about the plugin package, not the core package.
The plugin I mentioned is located at
The translation is available at
What actions should be taken for the translation to be included in the
plugin package?

Milan, thanks for the link! That's the clarification I wanted.


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