[wp-polyglots] Gravatar l10n request

José Fontainhas jfontainhas at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 16:36:57 UTC 2010


I think we are talking about two different issues:

> I also have the same question for the import plugins on translate.wordpress.org.
> I've imported their translations from WordPress 2.9.2 and translated
> one of them completely (UTW Importer) about a week ago, however the
> language files are still not included in the plugin package.

The plugin files are never included in the core package. If you go to
Tools > Import on your 3.0 dashboard, you'll see that none are
installed (as discussed before) and that you have the option to
install them, which is when the plugin + language files are downloaded
and installed.

> I'd like to see the "Request deploy" feature in GlotPress for every
> project, similar to the one being used on localized sites.

Obviously, a "deploy" request for .org makes no sense, and as far as I
can tell, .com deploy has been done at acceptable rates. .com deploys
are not rosetta deploys (infrequent) and having to deal with a huge
number of requests might prove unproductive.

That said, I'm all for ideas on the subject


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