[wp-polyglots] NO, NN and NB (was: How does it work?)

José Fontainhas jfontainhas at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 22:54:22 UTC 2010

> I'd also like access to no.wordpress.org, if possible.

Ok, .org username?

> Also, if that is not already taken care of, it would be useful to have svn commit access to nn_NO, in order to add TwentyTen translations.

I can do that, but there really is no need to use svn for that. Twenty
Ten's translations live in GlotPress now, and are used when building
the locale releases

> As the coordinators for some reason have chosen to set up locale sites this way,

Whatever is done, usually has a reason, or several:

>it is very important that multiple languages at one site (nb and nn) be implemented quickly.
> no.wordpress.org, as it is now, counteracts the principle of one site per _locale_ - although
> crosslinks do help. I have earlier agreed that one site per _country_ is useful, but that
> makes sense only if all locales in that country are available. They are not now.

Yes, I agree it is important. However given the proximity of 3.0 and
the intricacies which will inevitably result on the logic of linking
repositories and the GlotPress configuration to such a setup, the
priorities, at this time, reside elsewhere, as explained before:

> So, dear coordinators: Both nn and nb people requested this feature before you went off and set up no.wordpress.org.
> If you are not able to implement dual languages quickly, the correct thing to do would be to move no. to nb. for now.

It's fine by me, if the original requesters agree with you, sure. We
didn't produce 'no' out of a magician's hat. The whole previous
discussion illustrates how we got there.

>I am being a pedant and a pain in the neck over a small cause here for a reason: I am tired of having a locale (nb) confused
> with a country (no), especially when we already elaborately told you which is which. I don't want it, naturally because
> I and others spend time doing nn translations. Please, please do it right and stick to the conclusions made on this list.

My point, precisely



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