[wp-polyglots] Persian translation disputes

mohammad aghanabi m.websoft at gmail.com
Thu Jul 15 21:09:47 UTC 2010

as always hi;
in first, i commend José Fontainhas for his sense of responsibility.

as he and i know it, the first wordpress persian language was released by
someone in our
group and after days that i kept my eyes on wp-persian.com for the wp 3.0
persian  version,
nothing happened. after that i request for being a validator and doing my
job & i did.
after adding persian language of wordpress into the main webpage of it,
nearly 2days lasted
that gonahkar removed it and emailed something that in it has said about
incomplete translation and so many things, that i know he was just
rationalizing his wrong inactivity.

wp-persian.com's forum is completely inactive for months, and users expect
to be a supporting website to ask and request. the thing that i made months
ago in my own website.

but by seeing these kind of problems i transferred my forum to a domain that
its work is
just dedicated to wordpress toward gathering users for moderating topics and

now i'm so grateful that it really worked.

about new translation of wp-persion.com, i should say that, he just made an
on his website to give help from users in translating wordpress into
persian, a work by him that was done by many users against us that know it
as just ourselves job.

another thing that is left to say is about logo. Persian Wordpress in farsi
is translated in two single words, that everybody can get the first letters
to make a logo.

anyhow, if even i don't get any answer, our team will do its job

thanks in advance - Aghanabi
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