[wp-polyglots] Persian translation disputes

José Fontainhas jfontainhas at gmail.com
Thu Jul 15 14:24:51 UTC 2010


This is meant primarily for Gonahkar and Mohammad  who have been
contacting me directly off-list, in an effort to defend their side of
the issue.

I'm posting the question here, for either the both of them to discuss
it here, or else to discuss it among themselves. As I've repeatedly
told both, we have no ownership of a locale's translation community
and direct emails to me or Nikolay or chat pings simply aren't going
to gain you any favors, mainly because we have no favors to
distribute. We simply implement the tools and permissions a community
has chosen to use.

The situation as I see it:

- Gonahkar (by direct email) took over the dormant Persian translation
a while ago, intending to release 2.8
- Mohammad then announced (on this list), that he had a complete
translation of a 3.0 release
- Gonahkar (by direct email), indicated that said translation as full
of errors and that he was releasing WP 3.0 soon, no additional
validators were needed
- To which I told Mohammad to get in touch with the current Persian
community and talk to them about synchronizing efforts
- He apparently did, but with no success
- I asked Mohammad to explain the issue on this list, which he failed
to do, resorting instead to pinging me on chat everyday, several times
a day.


- Please, please (pretty please, with cherry on top) talk to each
other, not me. I will not respond to any request made outside of  this
- Gonahkar, could you tell the community about the status of the WP
3.0 release? If you are having troubles, please ask for help
- Could you also answer Mohammad's questions, while you're at it?
- If there are doubts on where to join the wp-polyglots list, see:

Again, this message requires *no* answer other than starting a dialogue.



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