[wp-polyglots] New string in rosetta.pot

Naoko McCracken info at nao-net.com
Tue Jun 16 17:29:35 GMT 2009

Thanks Zé + Xavier.

We translated "You can contact translators and this site administrators
via this form:" to

"Please go to our forum if you want to ask questions on how to use
WordPress, report a bug, or suggest an idea."

Of course, people still don't read it, so we are thinking about auto-
responding everything first, saying

"we got your message, but we don't reply if it's about support, bugs,
and ideas."

The auto-responder mail will include forum & documentation links again.

Another thing I found is that people (especially first-time users) get
confused because we include the local site url in the "Welcome email"
sent out after installation, like:

WordPress Team

So when they get stuck during installation, they simply go to the site and
use the contact form while ignoring what's written above it... :)

It's a good idea to make it clear in this email about where they can get
help (documentation, support forum, and so on).
Of course these vary from community to community, so we could just
handle it in .po translation.


2009/6/16 José Fontainhas <jfontainhas at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> Due to the high number of non-translation related requests submitted on some
> local sites' contact forms, rosetta.pot[1] has been updated to include a
> string that will be shown above the contact form.  Feel free to use the
> string to add a warning and links to places where one can get support in
> your language.
> Props to Xavier for the suggestion.
> Cheers
> [1]http://en.wordpress.org/wp-content/languages/rosetta/rosetta.pot
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