[wp-polyglots] testing the translation on wordpress

S K skichu at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 13:53:38 GMT 2009

> mrfroasty wrote the following on 12.06.2009 16:31:

>> I was just wondering, whats the best way to test the translation.
>> but I cant guarantee that not all of the strings that I have translated
>> have been verified if they do make sense.

2009/6/12 Wacław Jacek <mail at waclawjacek.com>:

> Come on, ask your friends to test it! :)

The problem with translation is that there is nothing like perfect
term to denote a particular meaning. Perception varies as to what is
the very appropriate usage to make a particular sense.

Hence I feel that the best way is to translate and leave it to the
individual user to modify it to his taste/dialect/idiom.


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