Yidayet. Z. Begzad begzad0826 at yahoo.co.jp
Thu Jun 11 12:41:41 GMT 2009

Hello, José, good luck to you with Automattic!
Recently, I committed some new rosetta translations for Uighur language, so could you update tha Uyghur locale ug.wordpress.org, please?
Best regards
Yidayet (Moorshidi)

Nikolay Bachiyski <nb at nikolay.bg> wrote:

Hey everybody,

You all have seen José Fontainhas around. I just wanted to let you
know he now works for Automattic and will be doing some administrative
translations work, I used to do before that. Like dealing with svn
permissions, adding and updating local sites and such fun stuff.

So, don't be surprised if you get your "Done." from José and not from me.

Happy translating and say "Hi" to José.

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