[wp-polyglots] wordpress 2.6 we most beginn from 0 again!

Samuel Murray (Groenkloof) samuel at translate.org.za
Mon Jul 28 12:50:47 GMT 2008

Sia Neriman wrote:

> We were unable to import the file because of errors in its format:
> Line 1989: String not terminated

I've also downloaded that file, and I can confirm that there is 
something really, really wrong with the string at line 1989.  I tried to 
paste it, here but between my text editor and my mail program the RTL 
messes up, but yes, the quotation marks are in the wrong places.

I don't know Launchpad but it would seem okay to just delete this 
string/message from the PO file and uploading the PO file again.


Samuel Murray samuel at translate.org.za
Decathlon, for volunteer opensource translations

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