[wp-polyglots] Romanian translator.

madalin niladam at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 01:14:47 GMT 2008


My name is Tache Ionut Madalin and i would love to translate wordpress
2.5+ into Romanian. The romanian team that translated wordpress prior
to 2.5 (last on being 2.3) is actually a webdesign company that forgot
to update the translation. Therefore, i request permission and support
to build (or rebuild) the romanian team for wordpress. Also, i would
love to have support for a http://ro.wordpress.org where we (the team)
will be uploading and maintaining a website related to Romanian
Wordpress. I can provide even a hosting solution, but probably that
won't be as fast as wordpress.org.

I already started translating from the official pot file but somehow
POedit messed up the file after i already translated about 30% of the
file. It complains about a Broken Catalog (Broken catalog file:
singular form msgstr used together with msgid_plural) and it looks
like I'll have to start over again.

Also, i joined pootle and asked Leuce to add Romanian to the list. I
will be asking for support at our Romanian bloggers and start working
right away, hopefully in a week (if everything goes well) we'll have
WordPress in Romanian translated entirely.

P.S: I also helped translating the WordPress Ajax Edit Comments, and a
few other non-web related applications.


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