[Wp-install] Some general questions..

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 18 02:53:51 GMT 2006

> I suggest emailing him to contact the WordPress Support Forums.  I'd 
> probably delete the request.

Ok, thanks Michael. =)  I was thinking the same, but just wanted to get 
*anyone's* opinions and suggestions first. ;)

> I haven't seen a response to my email either, was just hoping someone 
> could install a Spanish WordPress.  I notice there's a second request 
> also.

Yeah, if *only*I knew various languages sigh, "we'd" be all set then. =)

> I'd still install the "latest stable" release available at
> http://wordpress.org/download/ so that the people in the Support Forums 
> always know what version we are installing--bugs or not.

Ok,.. I can agree with you on that. ;)

> And of course by now, you know your email are getting to the list.

> Regards.

> MichaelH

Haha..yeah, thanks for your replies. ;)


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