[Wp-install] Was Times, is Notify

Podz podz at tamba2.org.uk
Wed Jul 12 06:38:14 GMT 2006

Michael E. Hancock wrote:
> If you wanted to use the list as a 'notification' device...
> Matt can configure the question "Is archive file source for public or
> private archival?" to be "private" so only list members can view the
> archives.
> Then Matt would have to subscribe the email address (e.g.
> admin at install4free.wordpress.com??) that is being used by the install4free
> website to send comments.  He could also set the "nomail" option on that
> account so it doesn't receive email back from the list.

My preference would be that this list is not made private.
Partly because no WP list is private, partly because it could lead to
people saying they were doing this when they are not and there being no
real way for others to ask publicly and also because if the list were to
go public at a later date then either information is hidden or the
archives are removed. I don't think any of the above is ideal.

I would prefer an IMAP solution, probably Gmail?
It remains person agnostic, it's trusted by millions of people for their
privacy already, it allows tracking of conversations if that is needed.

I don't think we can get an ideal solution.

The overall best solution for me is no email - just wander over to the
blog and check what is not acknowledged. We have no worries at all then
and no hassle with email checking because we go to the work and not the
work comes to us.

We can always try solutions for a while, no reason why we can't switch?


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