[wp-hackers] WP Backend "All Pages" Times Out From 6000+ Pages?

Greg Gibson help at comparingvitamins.com
Wed Apr 15 01:16:31 UTC 2015



Does anyone know if our problem below is due to Wordpress core?


We have 6000+ pages. No problems on the frontend. And no

problems on the backend, except "All Pages." When we try to access

All Pages (leading to our 6000 pages) it often times out after several 



Godaddy and Cloudflare said it wasn't their problem. Cloudflare 

showed errors 504 and 520 which they explained.

"This indicates a timeout after establishing a TCP connection and waiting
for a response from your origin. If your origin does not return any data
after about a minute or so, we will close the connection and serve an error.
This can happen if your server is simply taking too long because it has too
much work to do - e.g. a large data query, or because the server is
struggling for resources and cannot return any data in time. You should
check your server health metrics such as available CPU & RAM and if you're
using a Database server that should be checked too for long running queries,
for example. An Error 520 happens when your origin returns a response that
is unexpected. Your web server or networking equipment (Firewall, Load
Balancer) reset the TCP connection after it was established. Sometimes when
a web server crashes it will reset the connection. Check your web server
error log for the timescale that the error occurred in and look for any
error messages.504 errors are normally caused by a 504 being presented on
the origin server itself, we however send a branded CloudFlare page in order
to hide any information that may be given away from the error page to

Since then, I've paused Cloudflare. So I assume the problem has to 

be Godaddy or Wordpress? Do you know if this is a Wordpress core 

problem? If so, will Object Cache plugin(s) solve it? Which one(s)?


Thank you,

Greg Gibson




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