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"Jayson T. Coté" askjayson at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 17:34:41 UTC 2014

Hey Jeff, I have run into this syndication issue on several occasions and have tested many different variations from publishing all posts to one "mother' site in a WPMS environment and then sharing the posts with child or sub sites to utilizing various 'syndication' routines from plugins to even coding up an RSS routine.  I have settled on using the Autoblog plugin from WPMU.  It works very well and has the options I need.  That I would pass it on.  Hope this helps - https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/autoblog/

Kind Regards,
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On Sep 8, 2014, at 11:17 AM, Xen <list at xenhideout.nl> wrote:

That seems pretty good, like, exactly the same thing as the Facebook "Graph" API.

But the only downside that you're making it extremely easy for anyone to gain this type of access, if you're not careful. Which is why I would be hesitant...

It's funny. The Facebook Graph API provides for less information than the regular web interface. And all those developers that want to use it, are complaining about that. For instance, you cannot even retrieve your own friendslist unless every one of your friends give you (or your app) permission to do so. Meanwhile, if you're willing to put in the effort, all of that information is easily 'grabbable'.

In any case, I understand your feeling, Jeff. You can get exhausted from trying things that don't ever seem to work. Jetpack is also not the most ...elegant or useful addition to the fleet. Suddenly you are mandated to install a 21 meg plugin that comes with a million features and requires a WP.com account to basically do anything, and that is actually not a plugin itself but a plugin framework within the plugin framework of WP.org. Personally, I intend to use it at some point, but I'm going to strip away the all-too-obvious "container" aspect to it at least in terms of the user interface (the word "Jetpack" is meaningless to me because it doesn't do anything useful; "stats" and "akismet" are not). And get rid of all the modules I don't use anyway, and will never use. After that it will just be a common library to the few 'modules' I do use :) :p.

Just giving it its proper position ;-).

When I read the page at http://wordpress.org/plugins/push-syndication/, I feel a lot of sadness. As if those developers that had once written those words with inspiration, are now feeling drained, as you do. The plugin was probably conceived as something relatively standalone. But today everything has come under a heavier wind and this wind is pushing forward in some sort of frenzy of WordPress.com integration of everything.

For example, one of the Jetpack advantages is listed as "if you let us do your statistics, it will not burden your own servers, but rather ours, that are extremely speedy." How one cloud-hosted server park can ever be faster than a local server is beyond me, unless you'd be talking about the caching advantages of webclients retrieving things like jQuery from centrally hosted locations (such as some Google server) instead of your site. But it is nonsensical to think that the computing power of millions of decentralized hosts would be dwarfed by a few centrally hosted server parks. And these guys think they are some kind of awesome. When you check the stats page of a newly configured stats counter or API key or whatever, you are greeted with the message "Whoa! Not so fast! We just started counting, there's nothing here yet, DUDE." Liberally cited, but still, that was the gist of the message. Completely inappropriate for something that is meant to be a serious, boring (but still exciting) "accounting" system. Suddenly we're all being turned into surfer dudes when really, we just wanted to check out how that page looked.

Jetpack is really not that cool. Not nearly as cool as they try to make it out to be..

So perhaps you're also feeling drained because that plugin you got excited about, it is really at a true 'dead end' or at least a 'not feeling it anymore' end.

So there's probably something that they're doing (or that someone is doing) that is more in line with 'the times' and it is just a matter of getting through the grief of having lost this old thing, so you can make room for the new thing and I'm sure it will soon fall into your hands, or cross paths with you...

It is just a bit of a feeling of depression I guess.. that I'm feeling right now..



On Mon, 8 Sep 2014, James DiGioia wrote:

> It may be worth looking into the WP-API, which is the JSON api slated to go into core in 4.1 (I think). I haven't used it, but I think it will provide JSON endpoints withou requiring the Jetpack plugin, if you're looking to avoid that.
> On Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 9:55 AM, Jeff Lambert <jeff.lambert at jvhm.com>
> wrote:
>> Thanks Bart and Nikola.
>> Nikola - I’ll take a look at threewpbroadcast.
>> Bart - Probably am feeling defeated as I keep running into roadblocks on
>> this plugin and really don’t have the bandwidth, and likely the knowledge
>> to dig into the code.  I did a little looking around but think there are
>> things on the WP side I’m not aware of, especially given that it requires
>> JetPack be installed on the receiving site.  If you have thoughts on how
>> to get support, or engage someone to here to help make this plugin work,
>> I’m all ears.
>> Cheers,
>> Jeff
>> On 9/8/14, 1:15 AM, "Bart Schouten" <list at xenhideout.nl> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I can only say that to me, the first solution you envisioned sounds
>>> really
>>> inspired and creative and solid. But the alternative path you suggest
>>> after, sounds just like you're running out of time and you need a quicker
>>> solution.
>>> I do hope you will be able to find something that really satisfies you..
>>> All the best,
>>> Bart.
>>> ps. maybe you should push harder to get support on that plugin. I mean,
>>> wherever, in here, somewhere else. "unless someone here has some thoughts
>>> about it" is not a very invitational statement to make if you are looking
>>> for that kind of help. That's like admitting defeat before you've even
>>> asked anything...
>>> Anyway, good luck.
>>> On Sun, 7 Sep 2014, Jeff Lambert wrote:
>>>> Looking to see if anyone has ideas on the best approach to this
>>>> scenario:
>>>> I have a client who has a couple of sites that we want to syndicate,
>>>> partly
>>>> through opening up a JSON tunnel and also by serving up a page within an
>>>> iframe on the subscriber¹s site.
>>>> To get here my plan was to bring the content of our two sites together
>>>> and
>>>> syndicate the centrally managed content out to our two sites, as well
>>>> as to
>>>> those who sign up for our service.  This is the path I¹ve taken.
>>>> In researching this awhile back I came across this offering by VIP
>>>> WordPress, http://vip.wordpress.com/plugins/syndication.  Perfect
>>>> solution,
>>>> so, I did some hunting and found there is a plugin, developed by
>>>> Automattic,
>>>> up on the plugin repository,
>>>> http://wordpress.org/plugins/push-syndication/.
>>>> While it hasn¹t been updated in awhile there were some answers to
>>>> somewhat
>>>> recent support topics and a reference to a more current version on
>>>> github,
>>>> which I¹m running.  Unfortunately, my support posts go unanswered and I
>>>> now
>>>> have run into a new issue and will likely not use this option anymore
>>>> unless
>>>> someone here has some thoughts about it.
>>>> So, I¹m looking for suggestions on a different approach.  if I pull the
>>>> two
>>>> sites onto my multisite and run them as sub-sites, is there a good way
>>>> to
>>>> parse out the posts from the primary site to these sub-sites?  Anyone
>>>> done
>>>> this?  I¹m not worried about search engine hate as I¹ll be ³blocking²
>>>> the
>>>> search engines from my main content site and those who sign up for our
>>>> service are only displaying content on their Intranets.
>>>> Specific info:
>>>> Main content management site is:  http://accuranews.com
>>>> Current site that I¹m trying to push content to:
>>>> http://www.frequentbusinesstraveler.com
>>>> Future second site to push content to is:
>>>> http://www.thedieseldriver.com
>>>> Thanks in advance for your help!
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Jeff
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