[wp-hackers] Syndication Input Sought

Jeff Lambert jeff.lambert at jvhm.com
Mon Sep 8 01:49:07 UTC 2014

Looking to see if anyone has ideas on the best approach to this scenario:

I have a client who has a couple of sites that we want to syndicate, partly
through opening up a JSON tunnel and also by serving up a page within an
iframe on the subscriber¹s site.

To get here my plan was to bring the content of our two sites together and
syndicate the centrally managed content out to our two sites, as well as to
those who sign up for our service.  This is the path I¹ve taken.

In researching this awhile back I came across this offering by VIP
WordPress, http://vip.wordpress.com/plugins/syndication.  Perfect solution,
so, I did some hunting and found there is a plugin, developed by Automattic,
up on the plugin repository, http://wordpress.org/plugins/push-syndication/.
While it hasn¹t been updated in awhile there were some answers to somewhat
recent support topics and a reference to a more current version on github,
which I¹m running.  Unfortunately, my support posts go unanswered and I now
have run into a new issue and will likely not use this option anymore unless
someone here has some thoughts about it.

So, I¹m looking for suggestions on a different approach.  if I pull the two
sites onto my multisite and run them as sub-sites, is there a good way to
parse out the posts from the primary site to these sub-sites?  Anyone done
this?  I¹m not worried about search engine hate as I¹ll be ³blocking² the
search engines from my main content site and those who sign up for our
service are only displaying content on their Intranets.

Specific info:

Main content management site is:  http://accuranews.com

Current site that I¹m trying to push content to:

Future second site to push content to is:  http://www.thedieseldriver.com

Thanks in advance for your help!



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