[wp-hackers] getting pending\future posts

רן בר-זיק ran at bar-zik.com
Sat Oct 25 17:59:55 UTC 2014

Hey guys,
I have a lot of experience in develop for WordPress, but I am new at this
mailing list.

I am working on some plugin that calls future and pending posts.

There is nice core function that return the draft posts of the user:
get_users_drafts( $user_id ). But there is no other function for getting
the future state posts.

This function suppose to be very easy to write. Something like that:
Also, maybe there is a need similar function for getting the pending posts
for the user. There was function with the same functionality:
"get_others_pending", but it is deprecated.

Since I never contributed to WordPress core. Should I add those two
functions (and the matching tests of course) to WordPress user.php ?

Sincerely yours,
Ran Bar-Zik
Web Developer

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